Butane Refill Gas Canister 400ml 227g

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butane refill gas canister

butane refill gas canister

Butane refill gas canister Details:

  • 400ml 227g portable camping butane gas canister manufacturing
  • 1. Volume 400ml/220g,227g,250g is suitable
  • 2. Used for portable stove for outdoors and camping
  • 3. Your logo and brand printing is suitable
butane propane gas canister product Specification
Product Name:butane refill gas canister
Net weight:410ml/220g
Ctn G.W.:9.38KG
Ctn N.W.:8.43KG
Burning time:>120mins
Expiry Date:>5 years

Fuel igniter, lighter, direction of welding torch:

  • 1.Press tip vertically downward into center of refill valve
  • 2.Apply firm pressure until lighters is full
  • 3.Release tip and replace cap.

portable butane gas canister application

portable butane gas canister application

Butane refill gas canister matters needing attention:

  • • Only Applied to compatible and high quality appliances.
  • • Do not use oversize plates or pans which extend over the edge of the stove cover
  • (see diagram 2) Do not use more than one stove in parallel;
  • (see diagram 2) Do not use it to ignite charcoal;
  • (see diagram 3) Only use appliances in ventilated place.
  • • The gas in the bottle is harmful and is forbidden to inhale.
  • • Never expose it to naked flame or heat source.
  • • Store it in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location.
  • • Keep away from the reach of children. Flame may be smaller when using high heating capacity appliances or outside temperature is low.
  • • One time use only. Do not refill. Squash and dispose the empty bottle after fuel is completely finished.
  • • Separate it from other waste.
  • • Please take it out of the stove if not used.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

1. Will you test all butane tank refill canisters before delivery?

Of course, we do 100% safety test before delivery to make sure the goods are delivered safely.

2. Some questions about delivery details.

The business of shipping butane refill gas canister is not popular with shipping companies and costs more than regular goods.

3. What are your core competencies?

We can provide butane gas refill canister with low price but high quality, and guarantee fast production speed, so we can deliver the goods on time.Our butane refill gas canister has been exported to many countries.The customer is very satisfied with our butane stove canister.

Canadian customer/Singaporean customersCanadian customer/Singaporean customers

Canadian customer/Singaporean customers

Company Information:

The core business involves in fine chemical industry of environmental protection and energy saving, home care products, personal care products, car care products and etc. Our annual output capacity of aerosol are up to 60 million cans.

We insists on the management philosophy of “Better, Stronger, Larger” and people-oriented. We attracted a group of industry professionals to join in, and owned a professional and vigorous technical & marketing team.