Butane Refill Gas Canister 400ml 227g

Introduce Parameter PDF Download PDF butane refill gas canister Butane refill gas canister Details: 400ml 227g portable camping butane gas canister manufacturing 1. Volume 400ml/220g,227g,250g is suitable 2. Used for portable stove for outdoors and camping 3. Your logo and brand printing is suitable butane propane gas canister product Specification Product Name: butane refill gas canister Size: 68*165mm Net weight: 410ml/220g PCS/CTN: 4PC/PACK,28PC/CTN Ctn G.W.: 9.38KG Ctn N.W.: 8.43KG Certificate: TUV,MSDS,UL,CNS,EMSD,JIA Burning time: >120mins Expiry Date: >5 years Fuel igniter, lighter, direction of welding torch: 1.Press tip vertically downward into center of refill valve 2.Apply firm pressure until lighters is … Read more

Butane Fuel Cartridge 220g-250g

Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Our Advantage: 1.Printing and Tin can- making factory with more competitive price; 2.Total 8 printing production lines; 3. More than 15 years experiences in making tin box area ; 4. Connection with design, sales and manufactory ; 5. Prompt & considerate service, and high quality products. butane fuel cartridge Butane fuel cartridge 8 oz printing process: 1.Outside: ≥4 Color 2.Inside: Golden varnish / transparent varnish 3.Metallic effect available Butane fuel cartridge sample fee: No required printing can samples are free provided , for your own printing samples will be collected about USD 80 per design/printing … Read more

Butane Fuel Canister 150ml/70g

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF This butane fuel canister is to be used with blowlamps around the external of your home. Gasone butane fuel canister works from a minimum temperature of -15℃. Top Torch doesn’t clog burner valves thus affecting flame height and function. This butane fuel canister can also be used to fill most butane operating gas stove, torches, candles and butane curling irons etc. Butane is a hydrocarbon and a highly flammable, colourless, odourless, easily liquefied gas. One gas one butane fuel canister can last for around 3 hrs. on medium flame.Only Butane gas which produces maximum pressure and Ozone friendly.Butane fuel canister … Read more