Application of Butane Gas Cylinder in life

Butane gas bottle allows for unparalleled definition and graphics capabilities.With a variety of diameters and sizes to choose from, our straight wall aerosol cans are suitable for any occasion. Whether they are looking to strengthen a brand, enhance shelf appeal or enter new markets, companies can count on us for all their packaging needs.


butane gas bottles


Product Description:

We also offers a wide range of components for butane gas bottle of all sizes, providing optimal solutions for brands’ varied pressure and performance requirements. Brand marketers need comprehensive support at every step in the production process from concept through design and decoration and on to consumption. We offer a full array of customer technical and market support services that can give a brand the necessary competitive edge.


1.Portable,freedom,work anywhere without hoses or compressure

2.Heavy-Duty Utility Hook for taking jobsite abuse

3.Tool free depth of drive.

4.Non-slip grip provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

5.Nail lockout prevents dry fires.

6.Has a strong penetration, emulsion decomposition performance
7. butane gas cans must be kept upright and the horizontal angle of not less than 45 °C; on most under hood rubber and plastic . Butane gas cartridges
9. Convenient for portable gas appliance. (portable gas stove, camping stove, portable gas torch,
10.blow torch, BBQ heater, portable cooker, Camping lantern)

More details of butane gas bottle refill:

Thickness0.2mmPrintingFour colors printing outsite
MaterialGrade AAA tinplateStyleStraight, necked-in
PackingCarton/palletProducting time10-15 days
DeliveryBy further contactPriceBy further contact
Producting capacity1000000PCS/dayPaymentT/T
Diameter45mm 52mm 57mm 60mm 65mm 70mm

Butane gas bottle quality Control Process:

Step 1: Dimensions & Structure measurement

Tools: seam structure analytic instrument, calippers, height gauge, contact height gauge,electronic scale, etc.

Step 2: Leak test

Tools: Firstly 100% automatic leak test machines, and random inspection of water bathleak test as double check process.

Step 3: Pressure test

Tools: Pressure measuring instrument.

details of small gas bottle for camping stove

Butane gas bottle Service:

  1. Reply in 24 hours.
    Customized cylinder color, cap type, valve model no. And stamping is accepted.
    3. Every cylinder will be tested before the delivery.
    4. Delivery on time and excellent after-sales service.
    5. High quality, reliable price.

Application of 8.8 oz butane cylinder

Various butane gas cylinders for Your Choice:
Butane gas bottles feature different paintings and various size specifications.For printing,we
offer you CMYK printing, plain printing and matt finsih for colors, they includ CMYK 4 colors and
special PONTONE ones. We can offer you good quality products and the best service.

Our products provide you with package experience that would entertain your eyes and colour your life.Our camping gas canister can is able to meet all your requirements concerning diameters, lengths, shoulders and pressure resistance over 18 bars.Our vast experience, our qualified know-how and specialisation in terms of innovation allow us to propose different artwork solutions suitable to shape your ideas.